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Travelling through time.

F4 is experimenting the dinosaurs era through different ways, such us acting, watching documentaries and recreating their environments!. Look some of the activities they did. Handcrafts: Recreating their environments.

Form 4 learns moving!

We are learning about sports, movement and competitions. They discovered that an easy and funny way to learn better some difficult words is using them! Look what this class created.

Form 4 co-working.

Form 4 and Form 3 are working together to expand their social abilities and knowledge. Talking about autumn, we joined and worked with leaves, poems and dances. “Autumn winds begin to blow, coloured leaves fall fast and slowWhirling, Twirling all around,Till at last they touch the ground”

Transition’s got talent!

We have artists in the class! We observed a tree in autumn and tried to reproduce it. Look how it was! We co-worked! we learnt how to say “excuse me”, we learnt how to share the space and the materials.

Talking about the past…

Form 4 is reviewing past tenses adding some context to the content. THE MAGIC NOTEBOOK The starting story they were exposed to was “The magic notebook”, where two children are told a story by their grandfather. It all began when Grandpa was 10 years old and found a mysterious notebook. His brother and he were […]

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