Talking about the past…

Form 4 is reviewing past tenses adding some context to the content.


The starting story they were exposed to was “The magic notebook”, where two children are told a story by their grandfather.
It all began when Grandpa was 10 years old and found a mysterious notebook. His brother and he were designing magic stories which magically became real!.

The class was asked to imagine they had this notebook, what would they draw to became real?

Answers as “I would draw another magic book to have more pages to draw whatever I want”, “a lighting bolt to be like Zeus”, “a dinosaur as a pet”, “a time machine”… appeared in the notebooks.


To expand the knowledge asked in the course book, the class have watched some documentaries to talk about Ancient Cultures. One of them was the Library of Alexandria.

The class was asked to imagine what they think the burnt scrolls contained and where would our society be nowadays, knowing much more from a previous moment in our history.

Incredible answers for 9-year-old students emerged, such as “instructions about how to become a god”, “how to travel in the time and avoid any fire in the library”, and so on.


Transition, From 4 - Inglés

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