How was life 20 years ago?

The 2000s was a decade of music and fashion that influenced many people. 

First, let’s talk about music: pop was the most listened music at the time, then more styles began to be heard, such as electro pop, hip hop and rap.

People used to wear jeans and crop tops.

At that time, access to the internet was mainly through a computer with ADSL, which took advantage of the telephone line to access the network. 

The internet revolutionised American lives in the 2000s. American families began shopping online, listening to music, watching television shows and movies, and dating online.

The cell phone also had a significant impact. However, their cameras were of low quality. If you want to watch movies you needed a DVD.

In 2001s the towers fell down (the twins’ towers) because 3 planes crashed them.

by Form 6



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