What is a superheroe? Form 3 English

Superheroes have become a part of our culture. Comics, books, movies and television are just a few places you will find superheroes. Our students want to share their superheroes. The more interesting a superheroe is, the better.

Leandro: Rayo is a superheroe. He´s kind and brave. He can run very fast. he can fly very well too! His suit is red and yellow. He wears a mysterious mask.

Milena: Tiger is a superheroe. He´s kind and strong. He can climb and jump like a tiger. But he also does taekwondo. His suit is light brown, yellow and orange. and it has got stripes on it.

Lucia: Ladybug is a superheroe girl. She can jump very high and she can fly too! She´s kind and fit. Her suit is red and it has black spots. She also wears a mask. She has a superpower yo-yo. It`s great!

Candelaria : Spider Girl is a superheroe. She`s fit, kind and strong. Her suit is white and pink. She has wings in her arms, so she can fly like a flying squirrel. And she can climb like a spider too!

Ainara: Spiderman is a superheroe. His suit is blue and red. He can climb and jump like a spider. He`s very kind and clever.

Joaquín; Clefit is a superheroe. She´s kind and brave. She´s also clever and fit. She can jump and run very fast. Her suit is red and golden. She wears a skirt, a cap, boots and a black mask.

Giuliana: Hinoki is a superheroe. She´s good at running and jumping. Her suit is purple. She wears boots. Her hair is blue. Hinoki is clever and fit. She uses a magic sword. It`s cool!


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