Amazing wild animals. Form 3 project

Working together students search for information about different kinds of animals, then they will write about their favourite.

Working in small groups they follow the stages of planning a project. First they take notes, collect pictures or can also make drawings of the animals. The next step is to write the title, sentences and labels for the poster. They also write questions and give their opinions. To end the activity, they share some comments with the class:

Giuliana wrote about foxes:” I think it`s a beautiful animal for a school project. Foxes live in woodlands and in the Artic. Artic foxes change their fur colour according to the seasons.

Ainara wrote about panda bears: “I think panda bears are an endangered specie. Panda bears are very cute and funny when they play. I like the colours, black and white. They can climb trees.

Joaquín wrote about the penguins: “I think that penguins are very interesting. They look cute and they walk in a funny way. I like their colours; black, white and a little of yellow. They live in the South pole.

Milena wrote about the tigers: “I like their fur with black stripes. Tigers are the largest cats in the world. I feel astonished when they hunt. I like their baby cubs.

Lucia wrote about the giraffes: ” I like giraffes very much. I love drawing them with their spots on their bodies. I like the long neck and their long legs.

Leandro wrote about the lions: ” I like the lions very much. I think it´s a beautiful animal. I wish to touch a lion one day, it´s interesting. They have huge paws. I often watch lions films. I enjoy them a lot.

Candelaria wrote about the black panthers: “I feel that in some way they look like me. Panthers like climbing and swimming. I don`t feel afraid of them, I feel safe. I was in Mexico when I was 6 years old and I was near a black panther called Meili, it was such a great experience!


Form 3 - Inglés

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