Travelling through time.

F4 is experimenting the dinosaurs era through different ways, such us acting, watching documentaries and recreating their environments!. Look some of the activities they did.

Handcrafts: Recreating their environments.

Giuli: I chose the plesiosaurus swiming with other ancient sharks, between them there were some kelps.
Joaco: I included some pine and palm trees, bushes, some herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs and an ancient shark.

Mile: I have the T-Rex eating a piece of meat and an Argentinosaurus (the same we read in the story). I included rocks, a pine tree and a lake.
Lean: I put a Stegosaurus family, Pterodactyles and some T-Rexes. There were Palm trees, lakes for the dinos to drink water and there was a volcano that is one of the theories to explain the extintion of the era.
Ainara: There were volcanoes, palm trees, lakes and rivers, ferns and pine trees. I included in this period a T-Rex, a pterodactyl and some others that I don’t remember the names now.
Cande: I Included in my project a carnivourous dinosaur in front of a volcano, a river with its rocks, palm trees and a Stegosaurus

Transition, From 4 - Inglés

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