Form 1 creates a family tree.

Form 1 is reviewing family members and, to practice vocabulary, we built a family tree – and a family!

First, we created a family finding different family members in supermarket mailings. We found a child to put in the center of the tree – it’s her family. And then we found grandpa and grandma, auntie, uncle and cousin, mum, dad, brother and sister. We put them in the tree and wrote their names using letters we found in the mailings.

Then, we described the different people in this family using the words we’ve learned.

Guillermina wrote about the grandpa, Aldo wrote about the mum, Ciro wrote about the grandma, Antonella wrote about the auntie, Santino wrote about the owner of the tree (me!), Francesca wrote about the cousin and Catalina wrote about the brother.

Finally, we used green and brown pieces of paper from the same supermarket mailings to build the tree: the branches and the leaves.


Form 1 - Inglés

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