Discussing about hygiene habits.

F4 students are learning and teaching about hygiene habits.

Students are learning how to read a science article with diagrams supporting the text. They chose a hygiene habit to give explanation through the science diagram.

Rodri, Santi and Cami are teaching how to wash their hands

What do you need to do to be healthy?

You have to take a shower, eat healthy food, have plenty of sleep and do exercise


You have to wash your hands, have a bath/shower, brush your teeth and use hand sanitizer.


don´t be dirty and have good hygiene


1. Brush your teeth 2. Wash your hands after using the bathroom 3. Clean your space 4. Take a shower everyday.


The 4 activities you have to do to be healthy are: Do exercise, eat healthy, have a shower or wash your hands and finally sleep early.


Experiment. Try washing your hands in different ways to take the glitter away.


Transition, From 4 - Inglés

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