Form 5 What have we been doing in class?

Let’s take a look…

Students worked on their favourite fruits and
vegetables. They drew them and then they also
commented and wrote very interesting things about
-Isabella drew grapes, a watermelon, a tomato and a
cucumber. She wrote that grapes and watermelons
are delicious for her and that she liked to eat
tomatoes and cucumbers in salads.

-Renata drew a watermelon and a tomato. She wrote
that she liked to eat watermelon in fruit salads and
that she liked to eat noodles with tomatoes.

-Emma drew onion and garlic with pepper. She wrote
that she enjoyed eating them with pasta. She also
drew bananas and strawberries. She wrote that she
liked eating them in fruit salads.

-Thais wrote that her favourite vegetable was the
lettuce, she said she liked eating it with salt. She also
drew a lemon and wrote she liked eating it with

-Yamille said that her favourite fruits are strawberries
and that she liked them with sugar. She also likes
tomatoes in salads.

-Benjamín worked on his favourite vegetables
(cucumber and carrots) and said he enjoyed them in
salads. He also worked on his favourite fruits
(peaches, watermelon, strawberries and melon) he

commented and wrote that all these fruits are
delicious for him.

-Santiago said and wrote that his favourite vegetable
is the carrot and his favourite fruit is the apple. He
commented that he really enjoyed eating them.

En esta clase realizamos muy lindos intercambios de
ideas en cuestión a las preferencias de cada uno
dentro de la alimentación saludable y los chicos
supieron expresarse muy bien además de
entusiasmarse de una forma muy linda y creativa.


Form 5 - Inglés

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